Home Inspection Services


Full Home Inspection

The full home inspection consist of  detailed visual inspections of all components of a home including the foundation, roof, plumbing, electrical, interior and exterior walls and much more.  The pricing on a full home inspection is usually around $350 for a home of around 2200 sq. ft.  Pricing can and will vary based on the size of the home and any outer structures that need to be inspected. Please call for a quote that reflects the home you are having inspected.  

Roof Inspection

If you only need partial inspections, such as just the roof of your home, I can do that too. The roof inspection consist of a visual inspection of the outer roof covering, proper flashing around vents, chimneys and wall/valley intersections. It also includes a visual inspection from the attic (if available) for signs of water penetration or structural defects. Pricing for a roof inspection usually starts around $75 but varies based on  size. Please call for a quote.

Deck Inspection

It is very important to know that you have a safe deck attached to your house. Not only is it a safety concern for you and your family, but also a potential legal liability to you should anything ever happen while entertaining guests. A deck should always be inspected every 3 or 4 years. Safety is the key. Deck inspections are performed to assure proper attachment to the home, proper railing and balusters are in place and there are no visual signs that may pose a safety issue at the time of inspection. Pricing usually starts at around $75 but varies. Please call for a quote.

General Site Inspections

A general site inspection consist of the visual inspection of how the home is situated with the land surrounding it. Trees, vegetation, slope for water drainage all can pose problems during the life of a home. A simple inspection to assure the homeowner of any concerns that could arise down the road based on what's around their home. Price will be quoted on the scope of the inspection.

Radon Testing

As a Certified Radon Tester, I can test  your home for Radon using state of the art measuring equipment. These short term test ( minimum of 48 hours) can let a home owner or a buyer  know if there should be any concerns about any presence of Radon and  the  measurement levels at which certain actions should be taken. Please contact me about any question you have in regards to Radon and my pricing for for short term testing.

Other Specialized Inspections Coming Soon